Khao Sok National Park Tours Services

Khao Sok National Park land of the center. “Mountain of Rain Forest” is the largest and most important rain forest of the south, including Khao Sok National Park. Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Khlong Yan Wildlife Sanctuary Klong Naka Wildlife Sanctuary Sri Phang Nga National Park And Kaeng Krung National Park. The total area is 2,296,879.5 rai with high biodiversity. Rich with many plants. The rare plants and endemic plants, such as Bua Khut, Palm, Thalang, White Palm and Rahu Palm. It is also home to a variety of wildlife. Especially, there are 4 types of wildlife reserve: bark, chamois, tapir and marble cat. The scenic beauty of the waterfall, cliffs, caves and limestone mountains overlooking the water reservoir Ratchaprarop Dam. I get that nickname. Guilin, Thailand

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Full Day Exploration Lake trip Overnight trip on the lake 2 Days 1 Night

Half day or Full Day Jungle Trekking

Hot spring Bathing

Khao sok Night safari

Khaosok Elephant Bathing , Khao sok Elephant Treks

Sok River Tubing Tour Canoeing on the Sok River